Client: Modest Matter
Year: 2017
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

The watering can seeks to bring beauty and functionality to caring for small house plants.


One day, at the office, I noticed one of the teammates watering the plants in the office with an old seltzer can. There was something so perfect about it. I went about cannibalizing discarded cans and retrofitting them with spouts, trying to figure out how we could elevate a simple can into a watering can.

At the time that this project was developed, there were very few small watering cans on the market. It seemed that the industrial production world was still catching up to the growing trend of house plants.
Urban dwellers were busy filling their closet apartments with plants, yet watering them with mugs and various other household vessels. There was a need for a smaller can that was beautiful enough to leave out and about. The perfect NYC accessory.

We had to make sure that it carried enough water to be useful, so we modeled the size off a tallboy instead of the traditional 12oz can. The offset opening makes it so you can pour without spilling over and the gooseneck spout lets you really get in there and water those roots. The ring is both a structural element and a hook for storing.

MARCUS EISENDORF is an industrial designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has designed luxury leather goods with GioBagnara in Italy, consumer electronics at Plantronics in Santa Cruz, collaborated with Josh Owen at his eponymous studio in Rochester, designed housewares with Modest Matter and Bruer in Santa Cruz, and high tech maintenance equipment with RED-INC in Buffalo. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017 and enjoys a cool breeze on a hot day.

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email: meisendorf@gmail.com
phone: 831.818.6632