Client: Personal Project
Year: 2017/2020
Location: Rochester, NY

Log seeks to bring the feeling of sitting around a campfire into urban homes.


I’ve been curious about how to bring people together in meaningful ways. For me, moments of connectivity are often interrupted by phones, televisions, or other attention seeking devices.
This led me on a search for what it is thatreally engages people and brings them together in the moment. From mindfulness exercises to doing he dishes, there seemed to be a wide variety of solutions for “being present,” so what was mine?

Early ideas bounced from public installations to wearable technology, but nothing seemed to capture the human connection. It wasn’t until one new years eve, gathered around a campfire with some friends that I realized, heat has always been a connecting element thought history. My design goal became how to replicate this experience in an urban environment, where heat sources have been largely replaced with central heating and other more discreet and invisible systems.

Through prototyping I got a feel for the scale and materiality of Log. It was cute but had some unfinished issues regarding airflow and material breaks. Now that a basic size was established, it was time to dig into the details.

MARCUS EISENDORF is an industrial designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has designed luxury leather goods with GioBagnara in Italy, consumer electronics at Plantronics in Santa Cruz, collaborated with Josh Owen at his eponymous studio in Rochester, designed housewares with Modest Matter and Bruer in Santa Cruz, and high tech maintenance equipment with RED-INC in Buffalo. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017 and enjoys a cool breeze on a hot day.

To contact

email: meisendorf@gmail.com
phone: 831.818.6632