: Personal Project
Year: 2017/2020
Location: Rochester, NY

The juicer brings brutalist architecture to the countertop as a centerpiece.

The juicer was an exercise in rapid prototyping and form development to create a display worthy juicer. Early prototypes explored a variety of ways that juicing could take place from hand reamers to using levers to crush the fruit.
I settled on an iteration that left the hands
at comfortable angles and didn’t stress the wrists. This form allowed he juice to cascade off the lip and into a cup.

Emotionally, I wanted to convey both peace and power. That this juicer could stand on its own, but also be unnoticed. For this quality, I drew inspiration from brutalist architecture. Honesty in materials, function in form, and an almost lack of Design. I wanted a form that captured light in a unique way, with prominent lines and defined face shifts.

The initial prototypes didn’t work well, the juice went everywhere, so I brought the model into Blender where I used fluid simulations to refine the form further. This allowed me to make changes to the model and immediately see the results. tested many iterations before finding a form that captured the juice and let it cascade properly.

MARCUS EISENDORF is an industrial designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has designed luxury leather goods with GioBagnara in Italy, consumer electronics at Plantronics in Santa Cruz, collaborated with Josh Owen at his eponymous studio in Rochester, designed housewares with Modest Matter and Bruer in Santa Cruz, and high tech maintenance equipment with RED-INC in Buffalo. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017 and enjoys a cool breeze on a hot day.

To contact

email: meisendorf@gmail.com
phone: 831.818.6632